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Critical Illness Cover

Do I need Critical Illness cover and if so how much cover would I require?

Critical Illness insurance would be suitable for just about anyone especially if you would suffer financially if you were to get a critical illness or become permanently and totally disabled.

If you suffered such an illness during the term of the policy, you would receive a lump sum to help with recuperation, medical costs, payment of your mortgage, regular payments to replace your income or even a sum to pay for modifications to your home such as widening your doors for a wheelchair if you were to become permanently disabled.

If you have children and one was diagnosed with a critical illness and was in a hospital many miles away it is likely that you would want to stay with them or at the very least visit them everyday. Could you afford to do that? Most Critical illness policies include benefits that are paid out if one of your children should suffer in this manner at no extra cost without affecting your own personal benefits from the policy.

Select Mortgage Solutions will be able to help to guide you through the best critical illness cover options available to you and can discuss at further length with you, a suitable level of cover to best suit your individual requirements. We are able to look at products from a number of companies within the UK marketplace.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.

For further information on the risks and exclusions relevant to these protection policies, please speak to one of our qualified Insurance Consultants.

Call us today on 0845 22 42 162 or request a call from a qualified Insurance Consultant.

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